Nowadays, folks from all over the greater Terrell, TX area are flocking to the smaller Hyundai models on our showroom floor, and when you look to the advantages of owning one, it's not hard to see why. With subcompact models like the new Hyundai Accent, it's easy to travel around without driving up your transportation costs thanks to its exceptional fuel economy and signature Hyundai brand reliability. But many worry that a subcompact car isn't going to be roomy enough for their daily driving needs. Luckily, we can easily put those worries to rest here at Randall Noe Hyundai.

Now, as a commuter car, the new Hyundai Accent is fantastic for solo drivers, offering more than enough head and legroom up front for even taller individuals. That being said, if you need to accommodate up to five passengers, the new Hyundai Accent has more than enough room to seat you and a few friends if you're going for a short trip.

Of course, overall interior space in the new Hyundai Accent is well-apportioned. With 90.2 cubic-feet of passenger space, the new Hyundai Accent is roomier than some of it competitors and thoughtfully appointed for drivers who want to get the most out of their driving experience without all the fuss.

On the cargo front, the new Hyundai Accent will not leave you wanting for space. With up to 13.7 cubic-feet of trunk space available, the Hyundai Accent comfortably accommodates day-to-day items like groceries, small duffel bags, outdoor gear, and much more, so you'll never have to worry about leaving your things behind.

But there are other advantages to having the new 2020 Hyundai Accent at your disposal than just its size alone. Feel free to drop by Randall Noe Hyundai if you'd like to see what this savvy subcompact car can do firsthand.

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